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    200116 - Puzzle Palooza

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    Add to Cart200116-APuzzle Palooza09/15/18- 09/15/1811:00A- 2:00PSaTeen Town$25/$28Birth and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    220099 - Swim Team-Rochelle Rays

    Swim Team Registration opens Tuesday, May 1st at 8:30am. In-person registrations will take precedence, but phone registrations will be taken, when possible. Online registration is NOT available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

    All swim team members are encouraged to wear a BLACK swim suit to all swim meets as well as the team swim cap. Rochelle Ray’s female swimmers are required to wear one piece suits to all practices and meets. An online store has been set up for your convenience, no purchases on this site are required, but the Park District is providing families an opportunity to purchase a black competition suit and swim googles at a discounted price. There is NO tax charged on orders and any order over $49 will qualify for FREE shipping.

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    Read Notice220099-ASwim Team 11-18yrs06/04/18- 07/26/18 7:45A- 9:15AM-ThSpring Lake$125/$13511 years to under 19 yearsItem DetailsFull
    Read Notice220099-BSwim Team 5-10yrs06/04/18- 07/26/18 9:20A- 10:20AM-ThSpring Lake$125/$1355 years to under 11 yearsItem DetailsFull

    221434 - Horseback Riding Camp

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    Read Notice221434-DHorseback Camp07/16/18- 07/20/1812:30P- 5:00PM-FPlumbcreek Stables$195/$2055 years and UpItem DetailsUnavailable

    221530 - Pee Wee Basketball

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    Add to Cart221530-APee Wee BBall 5-607/25/18- 08/15/18 6:00P- 7:00PW $25/$305 years to under 7 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart221530-BPee Wee BBall 7-807/25/18- 08/15/18 7:00P- 8:00PW $25/$307 years to under 9 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    221622 - AquaFIT

    Get a fun and challenging workout that’s easy on the joints! Simple movements set to upbeat music will enhance your endurance, strength and flexibility. Great for all ages and ability levels.

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    Add to Cart221622-BAquaFIT07/16/18- 08/06/18 6:00P- 7:00PMSpring Lake$20/$2216 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    221632 - Golf

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    Read Notice221632-DGolf-Lesson Jr.06/01/18- 07/31/1812:00A- 12:00AM-SuSkare Park$2510 years to under 18 yearsItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice221632-EGolf-Lesson Adult06/01/18- 07/31/1812:00A- 12:00AM-SuSkare Park$3518 years and UpItem DetailsUnavailable

    221633 - Tennis Lessons

    Please bring your rackets. Rain Date: Wednesdays @ 6:45! This tennis program is for players that have had little to no tennis instruction as well as those immediate players that need more focus on the fundamentals. Players will use a larger ball to help develop hand-eye coordination while working on movement drills. This clinic will focus on technique basics for serves, forehands, backhands and volleys. Players should bring their own racquet if they have. Limited rackets available. Register today for this fun and instructional tennis clinic with Coach Jessica Albers.

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    Add to Cart221633-BTennis-Jr. Clinic07/05/18- 07/31/18 5:30P- 7:00PTu, ThHelms Field$56/$6210 years to under 18 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart221633-CTennis-Jr. Clinic08/02/18- 08/16/18 5:30P- 7:00PTu, ThHelms Field$35/$4010 years to under 18 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart221633-ETennis-Kids Clinic07/11/18- 08/08/18 5:30P- 6:30PWHelms Field$25/$306 years to under 10 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    221636 - Archery

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    Read Notice221636-BArchery07/11/18- 07/25/18 6:15P- 7:15PWVFW Park$12/$178 years to under 19 yearsItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart221636-CArchery08/08/18- 08/29/18 6:15P- 7:15PWVFW Park$24/$298 years to under 19 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    222009 - Roots to Stem Gardening

    Learn the basics of gardening and familiarize yourself with soil and plants while distinguishing the difference between bulbs, stems, seeds, and fruit. Every plant part has a different function and nutritional value, so together we will explore their growth, taste, and benefits. Each day is a new adventure ~ egg carton gardens, chia pets, nature walk with garden party and salsa! This class is for ages 10 and older, register today!

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    Add to Cart222009-ARoots to Stem Garden08/02/18- 08/16/18 4:30P- 5:30PThTeen Town$22/$2710 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    223220 - Karate

    This class is designed to help teach the valuable lessons of respect, confidence, and self-control while building motor skills, balance, and self-coordination. Students will learn important "stranger danger" anti-abduction drills. Start early and give your child the important skills to succeed throughout their life!

    **Optional Uniform Purchase Available Through Rockford Academy**

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    Add to Cart223220-CKarate-Little Ninjas06/30/18- 08/18/1810:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$694 years to under 13 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart223220-DKarate-Warriors06/30/18- 08/18/1810:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$6913 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    223802 - Women's Self Defense

    Women's Self-Defense Class coming to Rochelle!
    This 10-hour class is being offered by instructors certified by R.A.D.Systems. This course will include both risk-reduction strategies and physical self-defense techniques to help educate and empower women of all ability levels. Joe Drought has been a certified instructor for 20 years, and has taught the class through Rock Valley College and through various women's groups. Donna Drought has been recently certified by R.A.D. Systems. They look forward to bringing this important training to the women in the Rochelle community. (This class is for females who are ages 12 and up. Participants under the age of 18 require written consent from a parent/guardian.)

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    Add to Cart223802-ASelf Defense07/24/18- 08/01/18 6:30P- 9:00PTu, WTeen Town$40/$4512 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    224246 - ZumbaŽ Fitness

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    Add to Cart224246-DZumbaŽ Fitness08/01/18- 08/31/18 9:30A- 10:30AM, W, FTeen Town$42/$4713 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    224247 - ZumbaŽ Gold

    No class 7/12
    Perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified ZumbaŽ class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow ZumbaŽ choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong. This class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance. Sign up TODAY!

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    Add to Cart224247-CZumbaŽ Gold07/05/18- 07/31/18 9:00A- 10:00ATu, ThTeen Town$25/$3013 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
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