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    104680 - Rochelle Jrs.


    Preferred Registration: February 25th

    Join Rochelle Jrs Volleyball for introductions to the sport with hand-eye coordination games and footwork.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart104680-AVB-Tiny Lil' Hubs03/03/19- 03/24/19 2:00P- 3:00PSuRochelle High School$40/$424 years to under 9 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice104680-BVB-Lil' Hubs01/06/19- 02/24/19 1:30P- 3:00PSuRochelle High School$65/$678 years to under 11 yearsItem DetailsFull
    Add to Cart104680-CVB-Rochelle Jrs 5/612/02/18- 03/31/19 3:00P- 4:00PSuRochelle High School$18010 years to under 13 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart104680-DVB-Rochelle Jrs 6-812/02/18- 03/31/19 4:00P- 5:00PW, SuRochelle High School$37511 years to under 15 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    111213 - Corrective Exercise

    Cecilia is a health care professional who will help you relieve everyday muscle aches and pains to improve your ability to move and feel better. Cecilia will teach a corrective exercise program to create balance, stability and mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart111213-ACorrective Exercise01/04/19- 01/28/1910:30A- 11:30AM, FTeen Town$32/$3718 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    111214 - Children's Programs

    Preferred Registration Date: Monday, January 21st
    Bring your creativity and your muscle as we construct string art. Participants will each work on a piece of painted wood to pound nails in the shape of a heart. Once the nails are in, we will select string colors to create our nail art masterpieces. The finished product will make a great keepsake to display for Valentine’s Day, or it could make a lovely gift for a loved one.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart111214-AHeart String Art 101/25/19- 01/25/19 4:30P- 5:15PFSpring Lake$20/$247 years to under 15 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart111214-BHeart String Art 201/28/19- 01/28/19 4:30P- 5:15PMSpring Lake$20/$247 years to under 15 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart111214-CCookie Class under 502/11/19- 02/11/19 9:30A- 10:00AMSpring Lake$10/$121 year to under 6 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart111214-DCookie Class 6+02/11/19- 02/11/19 5:00P- 5:30PMSpring Lake$10/$126 years to under 15 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    121622 - Youth Basketball


    Coach Scott Stevens, AFC boys basketball head coach, will teach the basic basketball skills of passing, defense, dribbling and shooting. Pee Wee Basketball encourages a positive learning environment, builds confidence and self-esteem while also providing your child with tools to succeed.

    Little Hoopsters basketball league is designed for PreKindergarten-2nd grade children. As beginners, teams will have practices and games, while developing and learning the basic skills of basketball. Teams will practice that day and then play a timed game after. Volunteer coaches are appreciated.

    Exact length of season will be dependent on the number of players registered

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart121622-APee Wee BBall 5-6yrs04/03/19- 04/24/19 6:00P- 7:00PW $25/$305 years to under 7 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart121622-BPee Wee BBall 7-9yrs04/03/19- 04/24/19 7:00P- 8:00PW $25/$307 years to under 10 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice121622-CLittle Hoopster PreK02/02/19- 03/16/19 9:00A- 2:00PSa $60/$654 years to under 6 yearsItem DetailsFull
    Add to Cart121622-DLittle Hoopsters K02/02/19- 03/16/19 9:00A- 2:00PSa $60/$655 years to under 7 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart121622-ELittle Hoopsters 1st02/02/19- 03/16/19 9:00A- 2:00PSa $60/$656 years to under 8 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart121622-FLittle Hoopsters 2nd02/02/19- 03/16/19 9:00A- 2:00PSa $60/$657 years to under 9 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    123220 - Karate

    This class is held at Teen Town in Rochelle. It is instructed by Korean born and trained Master Sung Sop An and his black belt staff from Rockford Academy.

    This class is designed to help teach the valuable lessons of respect, confidence, and self-control while building motor skills, balance, and self-coordination. Students will learn important "stranger danger" anti-abduction drills. Start early and give your child the important skills to succeed throughout their life!

    **Optional Uniform Purchase Available Through Rockford Academy**

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart123220-AKarate-Little Ninjas12/22/18- 02/09/1910:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$694 years to under 13 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart123220-BKarate-Warriors12/22/18- 02/09/1910:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$6913 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart123220-CKarate-Little Ninjas02/16/19- 04/06/1910:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$694 years to under 13 yearsItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart123220-EKarate-Warriors02/16/19- 04/06/1910:05A- 10:35ASaTeen Town$64/$6913 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    124246 - ZumbaŽ Fitness

    Everybody and every BODY! Each ZumbaŽ class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why ZumbaŽ Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check. It’s a total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart124246-AZumbaŽ Fitness-M/W01/02/19- 01/30/19 7:10P- 8:10PM, WTeen Town$36/$4116 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124246-BZumbaŽ Fitness-S01/05/19- 01/26/19 7:00A- 8:00ASaTeen Town$16/$2116 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124246-CZumbaŽ Fitness-F01/04/19- 01/25/19 5:00A- 6:00AFTeen Town$16/$2116 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124246-DZumbaŽ Fitness-M/W02/04/19- 02/27/19 7:10P- 8:10PM, WTeen Town$24/$2916 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124246-EZumbaŽ Fitness-S02/02/19- 02/23/19 7:00A- 8:00ASaTeen Town$16/$2116 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    124247 - Dance Fitness

    This cardio dance class will get your heart racing! The only rules in class are to keep moving and have fun – if you do those two things, the fitness benefit will come naturally. No prior dance experience is necessary, all levels of fitness welcome and encouraged.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart124247-ADance Fitness01/03/19- 01/31/19 9:00A- 10:00ATu, ThTeen Town$36/$4118 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124247-BDance Fitness02/05/19- 02/28/19 9:00A- 10:00ATu, ThTeen Town$32/$3718 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    124248 - STRONG by ZumbaŽ

    Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG by Zumba combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart124248-ASTRONG by ZumbaŽ01/02/19- 01/30/19 6:30P- 7:00PWTeen Town$20/$2516 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124248-BSTRONG by ZumbaŽ-W02/06/19- 02/27/19 6:30P- 7:00PWTeen Town$8/$1016 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart124248-CSTRONG by ZumbaŽ-S02/02/19- 02/23/19 8:10A- 8:40ASaTeen Town$16/$2116 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    132162 - Pee Wee Soccer

    The focus is on the basic FUNdamentals of soccer that will include dribbling, shooting, passing and defense. Join us to learn a little soccer as well as gather information about AYSO; registration deadline is January 30th.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart132162-APee Wee Soccer02/06/19- 02/27/19 6:15P- 7:00PW $20/$243 years to under 7 yearsItem DetailsAvailable

    135557 - Guitar Lessons

    Do you have a guitar? Well, then you need to learn how to use it. This is your chance! The 1st session on December 5th is FREE to anyone interested, but PLEASE pre-register. Come learn the basics in this beginner program; sign up today and launch your budding musician! Taught by Jay Burlison!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart135557-AGuitar Lessons01/23/19- 02/13/19 4:00P- 5:00PWTeen Town$45/$488 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    141650 - Men's Basketball

    January 2nd Registration Deadline, Captain's Meeting January 3rd (5:30 @ Park Office), Play begins January 6th

    League play will consist of playing each team. Post season play will be brackets seeded according to league finish. No Super Bowl Sunday. $400 league fee + $100 refundable deposit

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Read Notice141650-ABBall-Men's League01/06/19- 03/03/19 9:00A- 1:00PSuRochelle Middle Sch.$50018 years and UpItem DetailsUnavailable

    141690 - Volleyball Co-Ed

    141690 - Volleyball Co-Ed

    Registration Deadline: January 4th!

    Length of season dependent on # of teams registered

    CAPTAIN'S MEETING: January 7 @ 5:30PM - Park District Office

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Read Notice141690-AVolleyball Co-Ed A01/11/19- 03/15/19 6:00P- 10:00PF $25018 years and UpItem DetailsFull
    Read Notice141690-BVolleyball Co-Ed B01/11/19- 03/15/19 6:00P- 10:00PFRochelle Middle Sch.$25018 years and UpItem DetailsFull

    143180 - Strength Training

    Only $4/class or a $5 drop in fee! This choreographed strength training class is led by Linnae Anderson, group fitness instructor certified by the American Council on Exercise. Linnae will work with each participant to choose the correct weights/resistance to challenge themselves to develop their functional strength and reach their goals. All ability levels are welcomed!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart143180-AStrength Training01/07/19- 01/31/19 6:00P- 7:00PM, ThTeen Town$32/$3716 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart143180-BStrength Training02/04/19- 02/28/19 6:00P- 7:00PM, ThTeen Town$32/$3716 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart143180-CStrength Training03/04/19- 03/21/19 6:00P- 7:00PM, ThTeen Town$24/$2916 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    143181 - Strength Training Beginner

    You don’t have to lift heavy weights to gain the benefits of strength training. This class utilizes dumbbells, barbells, and benches to help you get stronger, protect bone and muscle mass, and develop better body mechanics. Emphasis will be on proper form and adapting exercises so they are safe and appropriately challenging for individual participants. This is a beginner class, designed to help beginners and deconditioned participants experience the value of strength training in a comfortably-paced and non-competitive setting.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart143181-ABeginner Strength Tr02/01/19- 02/25/1910:00A- 11:00AM, FTeen Town$32/$3718 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    148120 - Qigong & Tai Chi

    Only $4/class or a $5 drop in fee! Taught by Bob Sabin-No need to bring anything to class!
    Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise that helps improve health and overall well-being. Qi Gong (pronounced CHEE-GONG) can be traced back 4,000 years to ancient China. "Qi" is simply the Chinese word for energy, and "Gong" means skill that is cultivated through steady practice. So, put together, "Qi Gong" means "cultivating the body's vital energy," and then using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart148120-AQi Gong & Tai Chi01/03/19- 01/31/1910:15A- 11:15ATu, ThTeen Town$36/$4118 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart148120-BQi Gong & Tai Chi02/05/19- 02/28/1910:15A- 11:15ATu, ThTeen Town$32/$3718 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart148120-CQi Gong & Tai Chi03/05/19- 03/28/1910:15A- 11:15ATu, ThTeen Town$32/$3718 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    151110 - Club 55 Fitness

    FREE OPEN WALK: Wednesdays in January from 8:45-9:45 am

    Club 55 Fitness classes are designed to increase flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, agility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. The workout combines aerobic, flexibility and resistance training with plenty of friendly fun.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart151110-01Open Walk01/02/19- 02/27/19 8:45A- 9:45AWTeen Town$0Birth and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart151110-AClub 55 Fitness01/07/19- 01/28/19 8:45A- 9:45AM, FTeen Town$28/$3355 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart151110-BClub 55 Fitness02/01/19- 02/25/19 8:45A- 9:45AM, FTeen Town$32/$3755 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart151110-CClub 55 Fitness03/01/19- 03/22/19 8:45A- 9:45AM, FTeen Town$28/$3355 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    151112 - Women's Self Defense

    Women's Self-Defense Class coming to Rochelle!
    This 10-hour class is being offered by instructors certified by R.A.D.Systems. This course will include both risk-reduction strategies and physical self-defense techniques to help educate and empower women of all ability levels. Joe Drought has been a certified instructor for 20 years, and has taught the class through Rock Valley College and through various women's groups. Donna Drought has been recently certified by R.A.D. Systems. They look forward to bringing this important training to the women in the Rochelle community. (This class is for females who are ages 12 and up. Participants under the age of 18 require written consent from a parent/guardian.)

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart151112-AWomen's Self Defense02/12/19- 02/20/19 6:30P- 9:00PTu, WTeen Town$40/$4512 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable

    490003 - Dog Park

    $10RD/dog $12NR/dog
    Dog tags required for use of Bark Park Dog Park.
    You will receive your dog tag in the mail (or call us if you'd like to pick it up) ONLY AFTER we've received your dog's proof of vaccination!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Details Icon      Status
    Add to Cart490003-ADog Park 201901/01/19- 12/31/1912:00A- 12:00AM-SuVFW Park$0/$210 years and UpItem DetailsAvailable
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